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Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 Steps to Low Maintenance Hair

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Hair doesn’t always need to be a hassle to style and maintain. Here are 10 easy tips to keep your hair stylish but easy to handle.

1. Use leave-in conditioner
A small amount at the end of your locks keeps hair moisturized and improves ease of styling. Dry locks are much harder to manage and style than ones that are fully hydrated. Professional hair products will do wonders in just minutes.

2. Short haircuts may not be your best bet
Though in principle they seem like they should be low-maintenance and easy to handle, it really depends on your hair texture. A short hair cut on people with curly and thick hair can take more time to manage than a longer look.

3. Spring for better tools
Low maintenance doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Professional grade tools not only heat up faster but they also cause less damage, making your hair easier to style.

4. Check the weather
Bad weather is the perfect excuse for a low maintenance do. When there’s a chance of high humidity or rain go with a ponytail, chignon or throw on a headband.

5. Layers
Layers are a great look for every hair texture and length. They give your hair automatic style, with little effort.

6. Update your products
With aging comes a change in hair texture. Different styling products are made for different textures, and by using the correct product your hair will become easier to manage.

7. Change Your Part
This is an automatic style update, without so much as leaving your house. A lightweight hairspray and your look is ready to go.

8. Throw out those metal-clasp ponytail holders
These elastics can cause hair to break and snag; instead try the 100% elastic kind; they’re snag free and make the low-maintenance ponytail even easier.

9. Try a Wet to Dry flat iron
Its the best way to kill two birds with one stone. A good quality wet to dry flat iron will save you half the time in the morning.

10. Don’t think about it
After your done styling your hair for the day, don’t think about it or constantly touch it. Too much time spent worrying about your hair will make easy styles high maintenance.

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