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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homemade Leave-in Hair Conditioner

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Homemade leave-in hair conditioner is an economical way to get smooth, shiny hair without needing to buy expensive hair products. Many of the homemade hair recipes use ingredients that are easily found around the house, allowing you to do leave-in treatments many times throughout the week. You may also use your favorite conditioner as part of a leave-in treatment.

Whether you use an existing hair conditioner or you mix natural ingredients together, leave-in products are designed to moisturize and condition hair throughout the day and between washings. For a simple leave-in conditioner using your current hair products, mix one part hair conditioner with three parts water and add to a spray bottle. Shake well before each use, and spray onto wet hair and air dry or with a blow dryer. For extra moisturizing, spray on dry ends throughout the day.

For light-weight conditioners, mix three ounces of distilled water with one ounce of light store-bought conditioner and half-ounce of olive oil in a spray bottle. Shake well and apply to dry ends.

For a creamy, leave-in conditioner mix two ounces of store-bought conditioner with one and a half ounces of distilled water, 1/8 cup of olive or coconut oil and 1 tbsp Silk Peptide powder to make hair extra soft. Silk peptide powder contains 18 amino acids, and is water soluble. The protein powder is absorbed into skin and hair leaving it moisturized, shiny and manageable. You may find the peptide powder at beauty or health stores.

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To keep hair from getting dry, be sure to wash it every other day, or as needed, to wash away excess oil. Too much washing can strip valuable moisture from the hair and scalp. Spray the hair with a leave-in conditioner before spending time in the wind or sun, since the oils will protect the hair from getting damaged.

Source: eHow

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