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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Avene Thermal Sprint Water

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Skin Type:All Skin Type
Available: Watsons

Product Claims: Avene thermal spring water is the only thermal spring water bottled in a sterile compartment directly connected to the spring. The benefits of Avene thermal spring water are derived from its unique composition: it is clear, bacteriologically pure, and its pH is close to neutral. Additionally, it has a low mineral content, and contains indispensable trace elements as well as silica, which leaves a soothing barrier over the skin.

Paula's Review: There is no reason to consider this toner unless you believe that Avene’s thermal spring water is the answer for your skin. Despite the purity claims, in the world of skin care, water is water and is necessarily purified to prevent microbial contamination. Regardless of the source, no type of water can leave a soothing barrier on skin. The water that doesn’t penetrate the skin will evaporate, leaving compromised skin right back where it was when you started. The comparative studies done on Avene’s thermal spring water merely indicate that patients prefer it to other spray-on waters and to a random group of skin-care products for soothing their skin after a cosmetic corrective procedure, and all of the studies were done by Avene. What we don’t know is whether or not some other product, such as a silicone-based gel with anti-irritants, would’ve performed much better. As for the nitrogen, it is used as a propellant in this product and has no established benefit for skin. However, nitrogen can generate free-radical damage and cause cell death.

Ingredients: Water, Nitrogen

Source: Beautypedia

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